OTECPOWER for a Clean Energy Future
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Harnessing Ocean Thermal Gradients to Power a Clean Renewable Energy Future
Global effort is underway to identify and deliver commercially viable clean renewable energy solutions to address escalating energy demands. Several billion dollars are being invested by private and public sector entities to commercialize various forms of renewable energy sources including solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, wave, tidal and ocean thermal. Prohibitively high capital costs and low output efficiencies have continued to impede the commercial viability of these efforts.


OTEC Plant Structure1b Structure1a Structure1d Platform
Patented OTECPOWER technologies
OTECPOWER has developed and patented innovative OTEC technologies that leverage extensive deepwater infrastructure expertise from the Oil and Gas industry to drive OTEC based clean energy solutions. These innovations have dramatically reduced capital costs (1/10th of conventional OTEC), eliminated the need for costly deep cold water pipes, complex floating platforms and displacement of ocean waters affecting marine life. Patented innovations in areas of subsea condensers, heat exchangers and simplified floating buoy platforms have for the first time enabled commercial viability of a 24x7 continuous OTEC based clean renewable marine energy solution.
Oean Thermal Map
Source: Ocean Energy Council
OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) is a known marine renewable energy technology that harnesses water temperature gradients between ocean surface and deepwater to drive a system of heat exchangers, condensers and turbines to generate electricity. Several efforts have been made in the past to commercialize conventional OTEC technology.
OTECPOWER for a Clean Energy Future
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